Frequently Asked Questions

A… Yes. The marina is restricted to owners and guests. The exception to this is for individuals renting a dock slip.

A… The Cove is a private association of Cove Condominium owners.  You may become an owner through the purchase of an association residence.

A… As with all real estate, Cove condominiums are occasionally offered for sale. Sales may be privately arranged between owner and purchaser. Units may also be found via local realtor listings.

A… Generally no.  There are 3 condominium associations, each with their own by-laws.  Check with the board of directors of your condominium association for details.

A… The Moorage Association has a limited number of slips available for rent each year.  Additionally, owners have the option of renting their slips. Click here to contact the Cove Moorage Association to find out if one is available, .

A… By-laws and covenants may be obtained from your condominium board members or accessed via this web site. This is members only page, contact your board member for access instructions.

If you have further questions, send those questions to a member of our Moorage Association Board.